Monday, April 25, 2011

Why Do Minimalist Cross Training?

The short version to the question "Why Do Minimalist Cross Training?" is meaningful training with minimal equipment.  I believe the biggest obstacles to maintaining any fitness plan are having a place to train that's close, convenient,  cheap, and free of people watching you train.

I've never had a serious weight problem or been seriously out of shape.  That doesn't mean that I like to work out around other people.  In fact, I hate working out around other people.  Especially people that I don't know.  It isn't a lack of confidence.  I've been in the military in one form or the other for a long time.  I've achieved a rank that puts we in charge of lots of people.  I'm also a teacher, coach, and in leadership positions at work.  I'm also fairly athletic.  I can hang with just about anyone my age and many people younger than me in just about any sport.  I have no reason to not be confident about myself.

I just don't like the feeling that people are watching me and criticizing me.  I also don't like the gym environment and all the testosterone that comes with it.  I don't have to lift more weight or have bigger muscles than anyone else in the gym to feel like a real man.

So I do minimalist cross training because I always have a place to work out, I can work out any time I want to, it doesn't cost me a dime, and I don't have to worry about who is watching me.  It's also a lot of fun because I'm free to do anything I want to.

I mean, what's better than coming home and being in your gym as soon as you walk in the door?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What I Hope to Accomplish With This Blog

I have to admit that the reasons for starting this blog are mostly self-serving.  No, I'm not trying to make money, although that would be nice.  I'm also not trying to become famous, as I'm not interested in that at all.  My main reasons for starting this blog are to keep my motivation up, keep track of what kind of training I'm doing, connect with other people with similar training interests, and I like to write.  The last reason for doing this, not so self-serving, is to help other people try a different type of training and maybe help a few people become more physically fit.

In future posts I'll give a more detailed history of my training experiences, good and bad, but the short version is I've tried it all.  Heavy weights, light weights, no weights, lots of cardio, no cardio, and anything you can think of in between.

So what are you going to see here?  I'll try to mix a little of what I've done in the past, what I've learned from my successes and failures, what I'm doing now, and where I hope to go in the future.  I'll not do a bunch of motivational posts but I'll talk about what motivates me.  I'll also give you my opinions about what I see in the fitness industry good, and bad.

I believe that the name of my blog gives a little insight into where I'm at now and where I'll continue to go with my training.  I don't believe lots of equipment is needed to get or stay in good shape.  I'll explain why and talk about how I do it.

I look forward to adding lots of content in the near future and I hope that you'll enjoy reading what I have to say.