Thursday, March 21, 2013

New PR

I set a new clean and jerk PR of 195#'s.  That might not sound like a lot but for me it was a huge rush.  I was stuck at 185#'s for a long time.  I had been sick (head cold flu crap) and my work schedule had kept me from following my workouts consistently.

I didn't feel like working out that day.  I was tired, stressed out, and still didn't feel that great.  I worked up to 185 and got it easy.  So I figured what the heck and gave 195 a shot.  I considered trying 190 but to be honest with you I just new I would be able to get 195.

My point is don't skip the gym just because you're tired or the "conditions" aren't perfect.  Some of my best workouts have happened when I was mentally exhausted and didn't feel like working out.

So how about you?  Ever set a PR or have a really great workout when you didn't even want to be in the gym?  Tell me your story in the comments.